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Dealership Call Tracking Software for Sales & Service

Get real-time analytics, alerts, and insights into your sales and service departments with AI-powered call tracking software by In-Telecom Cloud DX.


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Improve Your Sales & Support Performance with AI-Powered Call Tracking.

Sales and support are the lifeblood of your organization. They bring in new business and help you maintain excellent client relationships. But how do you improve that experience?

In-Telecom Cloud DX is an AI-powered communications intelligence platform designed to help you maximize the effectiveness of your calls and improve performance in real-time. Manage your calls, analyze performance, maximize marketing effectiveness, and increase ROI with In-Telecom Cloud DX.

Track All Your Lines

Get the whole picture by tracking all inbound and outbound calls, not just campaigns.

Record & Transcribe Calls

Automatically record and transcribe calls for review, and setup alerts for your keywords.

AI-Powered Call Intelligence

Get notifiied with keyword and sentiment alerts to sales opportunities and issues.

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Call Recording & AI Call Transcription

Use the power of conversational AI to automatically transcribe, analyze and report on calls for more insights into your business operations.

Automatic Call Tracking & Recording

Track and record every inbound and outbound call for review, coaching, and to find areas for improvement.

AI Powered Call Transcription

Automatically transcribe phone calls with conversational AI, allowing you to review at a glance and setup alerts.

Keyword & Sentiment Alerts

Get notified instantly when a caller mentions your keywords to alert you to sales opportunities, or a need to intervene.

Active Dashboards for Better Insights

Dig deeper into sales and service performance with proactive dashboards, identify best practices, and optimize workflows.

Minute by Minute Reporting

Get up-to-date information from your departments, appointments set, missed opportunities, and more.

Analyze Employee Performance

Track call metrics with detailed department leaderboards, compare performance and identify best practices.

Powerful Analytics & Tracking

Get instant notifications when campaigns aren't performing, adjust on the fly based on performance, and track everything.

performance dashboards

Make Informed Decisions with Call Tracking Software.

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Do More with Our Extensive Marketplace

Take client communications to the next level with powerful integrations for the platforms you use everyday.

CRM & Help Desk Integrations

Ensure your sales and support agents have the information they need by integrating directly with your CRM.

Communication Channels

Communicate the way your customers do by integrating with your communication channels on social, chat, and more.

Open API for Custom Integrations

Have a custom platform that you want to integrate with your contact center software? our open API makes it possible.

Optimize Your Sales & Service Experience.

Shoot us a message today to schedule a live demo of In-Telecom Cloud DX and let us show you how you can improve your sales, marketing and service experience.