Holiday How To: 4 Steps to Prepare with ITC Cloud

ITC Cloud makes it easy to “Ring in the Holidays”. Unwrap 4 simple ways you can use your ITC Cloud portal to set up holiday-specific auto attendants, call routing, and additional tips for your organization. In-Telecom and ITC Cloud provide the gift of helping you overcome the holiday blues of waiting too late to set […]

What is VoIP and how does it work?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is the technical term that refers to voice communications over the public Internet. Similar to data being transmitted when browsing the Internet, VoIP converts data packets as voice signals to support numerous voice applications. With a reliable internet source, VoIP provides voice communications to any device anywhere.

What is ITC Cloud?

ITC Cloud is a simple, reliable, unified communications solution for businesses. We give you the ability to work from anywhere, on any device – desk phone, cell phone, or computer – in a seamless manner. We make moving to the cloud easy! ITC Cloud cares about the overall efficiency of your business, providing 24/7 help […]

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